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Harvest India

SponsorPlease consider joining us and become a partner with Harvest India by sponsoring a child, a pastor, a student, an elderly, or a woman coming out of the red light district. As we continue to care for thousands of men, women, and children we know that it is only possible because of people like you, willing to say “yes.” Your simple “yes” means food, shelter, education, and the hope of Jesus to those who would otherwise go without. We are breaking down walls of discrimination by telling people that they do matter and that they are loved.

Four Ways to Become a Sponsor:

Sponsor an Orphaned Child – $35 a month
Invest $35 a month and you will provide shelter, food, clothing, and education for a young boy or girl who lives in one of the Harvest India orphanages. Your investment today gives them the hope for a bright future and let’s them know that they are not abandoned, but loved.

Sponsor a Bible College Student – $40 a month
Invest $40 a month, you provide food, clothing, and education for a Bible College student who studies at one of the Harvest India Bible Colleges. Be a significant part of helping to send out a trained gospel warrior into a village that desperately needs of the message of God’s love.

Sponsor a Pastor’s Family – $50 a month
Invest $50 a month and you will contribute toward the shelter, food, and clothing for a Harvest India pastor and their family. Through your support you are helping a pastor and his family introduce people to Jesus in an entire village.

Sponsor a Water Well – $1200 for one hand pump well
Invest $1200 just one time and you will give the gift of clean water, health and hope to hundreds of men, women and children.  In India, water sources and sewers systems are very unsanitary, it is not uncommon for people to walk miles to get clean drinking water.  This gift can truly change a village.