Harvest India US | God continues to raise up Harvest India children.
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God continues to raise up Harvest India children.

God continues to raise up Harvest India children.

Many of you responded to the stories you heard this summer through child sponsorship. We thought it fitting to share this update about one boy beginning the next step of his journey because of the support provided by so many supporters like you. Yesubabu joined our very first children home just after the monsoon floods of 2005. Just prior to the tragic floods In that year we had just complete construction on out 40,000 square foot building dedicated to caring for and educating the growing next generation of neglected children in India. Originally built to care for 100 children, the tragic floods left hundreds more orphaned and in need of shelter. Harvest India responded by taking in over 400 children. Some children had been left orphaned and others had parents who were not able to provide suitable care and would allow their children to be cared for in our home and educated in our school. Yesubabu’s mother had died and his father was unable to afford to care for his son. He was a fisherman and made only a small daily wage. He humbly requested Harvest India take in his son and provide for his needs of food, shelter and education. Yesubabu adjusted to his surrounding quickly and began to study hard through his desire to make a difference for his father and family. This year, Yesubabu completed his final year of basic education at Harvest India. His final testing ranked him at not only the top of his class, but amongst the top children in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. He is now being scouted by local universities all over the region with opportunities to continue his education through various scholarship programs. His hopes of making a difference for his family are coming into view and the possibilities of his future are seemingly endless. With his confidence in the Lord and his great appreciation for the love he first discovered at Harvest India, this young man’s future shines so much brighter that he could have otherwise imagined. He embarks upon his future with confident hope that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us!


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