Harvest India US | Harvest India Feeds & Clothes Flood Victims
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Harvest India Feeds & Clothes Flood Victims

Harvest India Feeds & Clothes Flood Victims

As the flood waters recede in southern India, Harvest India is working hard to provide food, shelter, and clothing to those in need. At least 170 villages have been under water, and over 200,000 people have been displaced. Reports are showing that Harvest India has lost over 200 churches in the process.

A team from Global Sticky Network arrived on the scene early this week to help in the effort and document Harvest India’s work. Thanks to ROCKharbor Church, Global Sticky Network, and all those who are investing financially in this great work.

How Will You Respond to the Flood Victims Today?
For just $10, a person can have their immediate needs met by receiving a blanket, a water pouch, rice, lentils, and a clean sari where possible. Please ask God how He would like you to respond. To support the work of Harvest India, donate online at www.HowWillYouRespond.com.

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