Harvest India US | Harvest India Responds to Desperate Flood Victims
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Harvest India Responds to Desperate Flood Victims

Harvest India Responds to Desperate Flood Victims

Recent floods have caused much devastation across the state of Andhra Pradesh. At least 170 villages have been under water and many are fighting for survival as corpses of both people and animals have been seen floating in the waters. Early reports are showing that Harvest India has lost over 150 churches, but there have been no reports of death among Harvest India pastors or staff members.

Over 200,000 people have left the area in search of dry ground as reservoirs are full and being diverted to other waterways to protect as many villages as possible. Unfortunately, many people are not heeding the evacuation warnings until it is too late ­— resulting in the need to be rescued from trees and rooftops. As they are being rescued, they often watch their clothing, utensils, and other household goods being washed away. In addition, many farmers have completely lost their crops in the process.

Harvest India Gives Over 50,000 Packets of Support
Emergency relief camps have been put into place, and the local government is doing what it can to help. With limited resources and a lack of contacts to help them respond quickly, the government has reached out to Harvest India for emergency food and blankets. To date, Harvest India has distributed 30,000 water packets and 20,000 food packets. One water packet and food packet will keep one person sustained for 3 days. The focus is on helping people survive and find a place of safety. While this is already draining Harvest India resources, the next stage of sustaining people at the camps with shelter and food will put a greater strain on the resources of India and and Harvest India both. The government is currently estimating that $2,000,000 in support is needed to fund the relief operation.

How Will You Respond to the Flood Victims Today?
For just $10, a person can have their immediate needs met by receiving a blanket, a water pouch, rice, lentils, and a clean sari where possible. Please ask God how He would like you to respond. To support the work of Harvest India, donate online at www.HowWillYouRespond.com.

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