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Kumars Are Home…

Kumars Are Home…

After spending a month in the US, Suresh and Christina Kumar returned home on September 17th. They were excited to see their children and extended family. Suresh specifically commented that it was great to get back to the “smells” of India!

On a fun note, the Kumar household just had high-speed wireless Internet installed. Skype is in the works so that Harvest India can communicate with leaders and churches around the globe in an easy, low-cost way.

After returning, Suresh joined his team in an effort to visit pastors and churches who are experiencing heavy flooding due to a 7-8 foot rise in waters from the Krishna River. Hundreds of villagers flee to the village cyclone shelter during these times, and Harvest India seeks to help as much as possible. Please pray for the safety of the Harvest India staff as they travel in remote areas.

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