Harvest India US | Kumars Are Ministering in Baltimore
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Kumars Are Ministering in Baltimore

Kumars Are Ministering in Baltimore

Each week, we’ll post an update about what’s going on in the ministry of Harvest India based on a phone interview with Suresh Kumar. Here are a few things for this week…

Kumars Are In Baltimore
Suresh and Christina are visiting Lifehouse Church Bethel near Baltimore, Maryland, and they’re excited to share the vision of Harvest India. This church has been financially supporting the ministry for the past 4 years, and they’ve visited India once. Suresh will be sharing with a new church plant on Wednesday night about Harvest India, and he’s excited to develop more and more ministry contacts on the east coast. Christina and Suresh will be leaving the US on September 21st, and they are excited to see their children after traveling for a month.

Raj and Usha Had a Girl
Suresh’s personal assistant, Raj and his wife Usha, are the proud parents of a brand new baby girl. After the customary 6 month waiting period, they will host a special party where they will dedicate their child to God and give her a name.

Persecution in Neighboring Orissa

In the last 2 weeks, Communists killed a top Hindu leader and 4 of his disciples. Hindu militants believe that Christians hired Communists to perform this act of violence, and this is why they have initiated widespread persecution in the state of Orissa.

According to Suresh, over 600 churches have been burned and 2 pastors were killed in the last 2 weeks in Orissa. In addition, 20,000 Christian homes have been burned. Over 50,000 people were directly affected by these actions, and over 30,000 have fled into the forests to protect themselves. The churches in Andrah Pradesh are protesting and seeking help from the government to stop the violence.

Let us pray for peace in the nation of India!

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