Harvest India US | Ministry Update:: 31 Bits Designs
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Ministry Update:: 31 Bits Designs

Ministry Update:: 31 Bits Designs

I’m on a visit to Chennai to send off our friend Kallie from 31 Bits. Over the last two and a half weeks we have all been amazed at the ways that the Lord is already up to big things for our anticipated launch of 31 Bits in India. 31 Bits is an organization working with displaced women in Uganda teaching small business training, education and health awareness providing sustainable opportunities empowering women to begin small business that provide for themselves and their families. By creating fashionable jewelry out of recycled bits of paper these five young women have changed the lives of over one hundred women and opened endless doors of opportunity to the next generation of children in Uganda whose parents can now afford to send them to school and get a proper education. We’ve known about each other and partnered in small collaborations through IPP over the years, but last summer we learned that God was up to something new at 31 Bits. The girls were feeling called to India. Over coffee at the Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa, Suresh and I sat down to discuss the opportunities and needs existing in India and invited the girls to visit us and see what the Lord might be leading us in. Weeks later tickets were booked and the trip was scheduled. Time flew and the girls arrived in India on September 13th amped on what they would learn and see through Harvest India’s expansive ministry.

It’s been an amazing time of learning, praying and seeking God’s direction as we’ve shared what God’s been up to at Harvest India and learned more about the phenomenal work being done in Uganda. It quickly became very clear that we were going to working together in India and we turned our prayers and attention to developing a product and sourcing raw materials that would be needed in our venture. Meeting with fabric wholesalers, sari shop owners, metal smiths, hide tanners and artisan hand block printers should have taken months, but in the course of three weeks we accomplished nearly every connection needed to move forward in product development in the US. Praise God!

Photobucket We are excited to see the way that God continues to work and move in both 31 Bits and Harvest India. We are moving forward in partnership, trusting that the Lord will continue to provide through what we all hope to be a generous and successful Christmas season. We are proud to announce that 31 Bits is coming to India in 2012!

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