Harvest India US | Story of Hope – Jyothi Rani
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Story of Hope – Jyothi Rani

Story of Hope – Jyothi Rani

My name is Jyothi Rani, age 13, studying 6th standard. I have no father and mother, and there is nobody to look after me. My mother is prostitute, I don’t know my father. I came from Red-Light area at Chilakalutipet. When I was living among the prostitutes in Red-Light area, nobody cares me, nobody gives food and no shelter, I was so sad that time. I thought my life might end in this red-light area.

One day a woman brought me to Bishop Suresh Kumar’s attention who was visiting our area to share the good news to the prostitutes and she explained about my condition. Immediately Suresh Kumar has accepted me and brought me to the Children’s Home where I met the Lord Jesus Christ. By His grace now, this is my fifth year. God is so good to me. I am the first in my class in education and first in the athletics. I am thankful to this place of hope where I am so happy. They are giving me good food, clothes and what ever I need. And they are teaching good education, prayers, and the stories from the Bible.

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