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Testimonies of Life Transformations in Christ

Testimonies of Life Transformations in Christ

Name: T. Pradeep
Age: 11 years old
Harvest India Ministry: Children Home

Pradeep is a young boy in Harvest India’s children home at Telaprolu. He and his older brother are both studying in the home. Pradeep was born tongue tied. Tongue tie occurs when the tissue on the underside of the front of the tongue is positioned too far forward, making it difficult to move the tongue. Without the ability to speak Pradeep was having difficulty communicating and his opportunities looked dim. Through Harvest India’s partners, who financially stand behind procedures that will benefit the quality of life for those deemed candidates, Pradeep underwent a reconstructive surgery last month. He now has greatly increased movement of the tongue and is beginning to learn proper pronunciation and spoken sounds. His studies have greatly increased as well as his spirits.

“I am staying and studying in Telaprolu at Harvest India’s children home with my older brother. My parents were not able to care for us or get me surgery due to financial problems. One day my Harvest India Dad took me to see Bishop Suresh. After some medical exams I received the money for my operation. Now I am able to talk freely with anybody! I thank God for His help and also thank all the donors who made this possible.”

Name: Shake Saahina Bee
Age: 65 years old
Harvest India Ministry: Elderly Home

Shake Shahina was born and brought up in Visaka Patnam. She is from a strong Muslim background, and has two children. Her husband worked as trucker. This is her story:

“After his(her husbands) sudden demise my family scattered. I was able to sustain myself for a few years, but when I grew old my children pushed me out of my house. I was left with nothing, no food, no clothes, no shelter. I was starving for food but nobody would help me. I decided to visit some of my relatives in another region in hopes they would offer me shelter. I got to the local train depot and headed for Tenali. When I went to my relative’s house they also rejected me. I didn’t know what to do. I was so alone; I decided to die. I came to the railway station with fear in my heart, trembling in my body and hunger in my stomach. I spent ten days at the station and grew weaker each day. I started to beg. The police began to hassle me for begging. They could see I was getting near death and they asked me my story. Then a miracle happened. They told me about Harvest India’s elderly home in Tenali. I went there and they didn’t reject me. They provided for my needs, gave me food, shelter, fresh clothes, medical examinations, and nursed me back to health. Now I am very happy to stay in this house. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord and I’m enjoying life growing in the knowledge of God and praying for this ministry and those who stand behind this work; to give hope to those in need. I know that my life is nearly finished on this earth, and soon I’ll meet my God. I have requested my Harvest India family grant my wish to be buried, following Christian custom. I thank God for restoring my health, my hope, and my future. I pray continually for Harvest India, for the donors, and for the lives that must still be reached through this work.”

Name: Chelaka Naveen
Age: 18 years old
Harvest India Ministry: Children Home & College Financial Aid

Chelaka Naveen is now studying his second year at Intermediate College (M.P.C.) He and his two sisters have all been a part of Harvest India ministries as they have grown up. His eldest sister recently got married and his younger sister is in 9th grade at the Harvest India Orphanage at Vadlamudi.

Five years back Naveen joined Harvest India’s children home. At a young age, his father deserted his mother leaving the family in a desperate situation. His mother was concerned with how she could possibly provide for herself, let alone her three children. When she heard about Harvest India’s children homes she inquired a way to enroll Naveen and his two sisters. Harvest India provided hope in what seemed to be a hopeless situation and allowed for her to work and provide for herself, resting easy in knowing that her children were under superior care. She visited often and was continually blessed to see the ways that her children were growing into amazingly gifted young adults and establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ. Naveen has completed his time under Harvest India’s care and after graduating 10th grade he continued his education at M.C.P, a local intermediate college in Tenali. He spends his days studying hard and planning for his bright future. With endless possibilities on the horizon he still volunteers his free time to help at the orphanage, continually building relationships with those that invested so much in his life and helping set the younger kids on the right path.

“I was very happy in this children’s home, I still love to visit and help out. I am receiving everything that I ever needed and more. I’ve accepted Christ as my personal Savior and Lord and I thank God for His goodness in my life, for Harvest India, and for God’s grace on my family.”

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