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Unexpected Help from the Next Generation

Unexpected Help from the Next Generation

The last few days at Harvest India’s main campus in Tenali have been busy and blessed. A few weeks ago we received an unexpected e-mail from a college student involved with one of our partner churches. She is currently studying children’s education while participating in a Semester at Sea program. While in port in Chennai, she wanted to see if it was possible to spend her three day in India experiencing Harvest India, an organization she has heard so much about and partnered with through prayer and child sponsorship. We were thrilled to hear the news and invited her to come and see what the Lord is doing through our ministry.

With a team of four college age students we have had an exciting few days. Bringing in these young men and women who are passionately serving God’s Kingdom is so encouraging to see. Though they could have spent the three days enjoying the more developed Chennai shopping malls, restaurants, and beaches, they chose to come and serve, the children, the ministry and the Kingdom of God.

On the first day of their arrival they taught English at Harvest India’s Public School and on day two they really got their hands dirty and cleaned the construction site of our Tenali church building. By faith we prayed that God will continue to bring the right hands, finances and resources to further the construction so that this project can be completed and many more people can come to know Jesus, gather, worship and praise the Lord. In reward for their hard work and in true Harvest India fashion they were each gifted an authentic Indian outfit. The following day we toured some of our ministry sites to allow each of them to experience the breadth of Harvest India. And that afternoon, they returned to Chennai to re-board their ship and head to their next port. Truly grateful and blessed by their visit, Harvest India is thrilled to be reminded, by these passionate young people who are serving God instead of serving themselves, that God is continuing this great work through the generations, forming young partnerships that will stand in the days to come, and creating catalysts for the faith today!

Thank you, Alex, Mike, Michelle and Leah, for all your hard work and passion these last few days. May God continue to enrich your lives as you seek first His Kingdom. Safe journeys to you and your shipmates during the remainder of your Semester at Sea.

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