Harvest India US | Invite Suresh Kumar to Speak at Your Church / Event
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Invite Suresh Kumar to Speak at Your Church / Event

Invite Suresh Kumar to Speak at Your Church / Event

Each year, Suresh Kumar (President of Harvest India) visits the United States for a “vision trip” to share his passion for India and invite individuals, churches, and businesses to invest in the ministry of Harvest India.

Upcoming Visit
Suresh will be in the United States in the month of September…

  • Sept. 1-8 – Maryland
  • Sept. 9-15 – Southern California
  • Sept. 16-28 – New Mexico


  • To raise awareness of the vast physical and spiritual needs of the nation of India.
  • To share the vision of Harvest India – “carrying Christ’s compassion to every village in India.”
  • To invite people to ask God how He would want them to invest in the vision.

Sharing the Vision at Gatherings
Here are several possible gatherings where you might be interested in hosting Suresh and Christina…

  • Weekend Church Service – Invite Suresh to speak at your church service (from 10 minutes to 1 hour) and take up an offering for Harvest India (or direct people to the Harvest India table).
  • Mid-week Large Group Gathering – Maybe your church has a large gathering of singles, married couples, or some other type of group who needs to hear about Harvest India.
  • Small Group / Bible Study – Invite Suresh to share the vision, give people an opportunity to ask questions, and invite them to invest in the ministry.
  • Harvest India Reunion – Gather everyone from your church who has ever been to India, and give Suresh an opportunity to share the vision once again.
  • Dinner / Dessert Party – Invite your friends over to your house to introduce them to Suresh, listen to the vision, and invest in the ministry.
  • Prayer Night – Rally people to attend a “Pray for Harvest India” night and have Suresh share the vision.
  • Key Contacts – Help Suresh meet a “key contact” who might be interested in furthering the mission of Harvest India (pastor, key leader, or business person).

Your Next Step
If you’re interested in hosting a “gathering” such as any listed above, please Suresh directly at suresh@harvestindia.org.

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